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As one of the UK’s leading floor screeding companies, we only use the very best commercial and industrial flooring products. All our flowing screeds are made from the finest materials, 100% recycled and proven to aid energy efficiency, cut energy bills and help protect the environment.

The high quality flowing floor screeds we use during every home building, industrial property construction and commercial project are:

Ecoscreed Deco-Verde

Ecoscreed Deco-Verde is a Code 6 M10 rapid drying eco-friendly cementitious floor screed designed to be a polished final decorative floor finish.  The screed contains 100% replacement of natural sand by 4mm down recycled glass achieving a minimum compressive strength of > 30 N/mm2 or will be dry enough to receive floor coverings after 7 days at 20ºC..

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Ecoscreed Alpha ST

Manufactured to BS EN 18313:2002 CAB 20 acc. to DIN EN 13454, our Ecoscreed Alpha ST is a 100% recycled Code 6 energy saving flowing screed, made from calcium sulphate binder and based on Alpha Hemihydrate. Must be added to clean water and recycled glass aggregate.

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Ecoscreed Alpha TF

Designed mainly for use in timber frame constructions, our Ecoscreed Alpha TF is a reinforced Code 6 fibre flow screed floor. Made from a calcium sulphate binder, based on Alpha Hemihydrate, this flowing screed is added to clean water and a glass aggregate for increased effect.

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Ecoscreed Alpha Tile Adhesive

Designed specifically to work effectively alongside our Alpha TF product, our Ecoscreed Alpha TA (Tile Adhesive) is a Code 6 polymer modified and rapid setting tile adhesive. It contains calcium sulphate binder based on Alpha Hemihydrate and additional additives and polymers.

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Ecoscreed Gridboard

Available in a range of depths to allow for flexibility and durability, our Ecoscreed gridboard is a cost effective alternative to other floor insulation boards on the market. Especially suitable for areas with underfloor heating, our Ecoscreed gridboard is printed with a 50mm grid pattern, easy to handle, incredibly flexible and able to provide long lasting thermal insulation for the life of the building.

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If you require any more information about our environmentally friendly screeding and industrial flooring products, please do not hesitate to contact us today. One of our friendly and helpful team will be more than happy to answer any questions and arrange your free no obligation survey and screed quotation at your convenience.

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