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Ecoscreed Thermal M10 Rapid Drying Cementitious "MONO" System

A NEW monolithic cementitious floor build up system that incorporates our pipe encapsulating ECOSCREED Thermal M10 TF fibre reinforced rapid drying flowing cementitious levelling screed bonded directly onto our rapid drying cementitious ECOSCREED Thermal M10 EPS Bead Screed pumpable insulation to provide a highly thermally efficient on-going energy saving monolithic floor build up.

The "Mono" system can be polished as a final finish or tiled using our rapid drying fibre reinforced ECOSCREED Thermal M10 TA flexible tile adhesive.

Environmentally friendly, cost effective and energy efficient floor screeding

We are the UK's leading suppliers and installers of 96% recycled high quality energy efficient environmentally friendly fibre reinforced liquid flowing screeds

We work throughout the UK specialising in the supply and laying of our comprehensive range of patented ECOSCREED flooring products to home owners, commercial businesses, private house builders and developers.

Tested and approved by the University of Portsmouth and proven to be the most environmentally friendly floor screeds on the market today, our Ecoscreed flooring products are ideal for any industrial, residential or commercial property.

So call us today on 01372 842 102 to discuss your floor screed requirements with one of our experienced team and arrange your property survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience.

M10 3 Stage "MONO" Cementitious System

Ecoscreed Thermal M10:TA

Rapid drying fibre reinforced flexible tile adhesive 3mm – 20mm

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Thermal M10:TA

Ecoscreed Thermal M10:TF

Rapid drying fibre reinforced levelling screed 5mm – 50mm

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Thermal M10:TF

Ecoscreed Thermal M10 EPS Bead Screed

Rapid drying EPS pumpable insulation 50mm – 300mm (Replaces insulation board)

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Thermal M10:TF

M13 Calcium Sulphate System (Alpha hemi-hydrate)

Ecoscreed Thermal M13:TF

Fibre reinforced alpha levelling screed 5mm – 50mm

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Thermal M13:TF

Ready Mix Bulk Binders

Ecoscreed M10 Binder

Rapid drying shrinkage compensated bulk or bagged binder for ready mix cementitious flowing screed

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Ecoscreed M13 Binder

Alpha hemihydrate bulk or bagged binder for ready mix flowing screed