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The Complete Package

As experienced floor screeding specialists, we are used to providing an all-encompassing screeding service that is far more than just the product itself.

Many of our house builder and self-builder clients rely on our experience and expertise to completely look after the floor aspect of their building project; providing everything from comprehensive design support and planning to the creation of the sub-floor, the installation of pipework and underfloor heating and the laying of the floor screed itself.

Below is a summary of our key screeding services, available throughout the UK.

Floor PlanningDesign and planning

We will be involved in your construction project from the very beginning. Utilising the experience and skills of our architects and designers, we will provide you with comprehensive designs and plans that are individually tailored to your requirements.

Pipework InstallationPipework

During the early stages of a house build, it is imperative that the installation of pipework is carried out by experienced professionals.  At Ecoscreed, we have worked on hundreds of house builds and work with skilled plumbers and heating engineers to provide the most efficient and productive pipelines throughout homes across the UK.

Underfloor HeatingUnderfloor heating

Fitting underfloor heating requires experience and knowledge that very few floor screeding companies have. Making sure that it is correctly encapsulated and protected is absolutely vital and we have the skills and expertise required to ensure your underfloor heating works consistently and provides the house with effective heating for years to come.

Floor Screed LayingComprehensive floor screed laying

The final part of our extensive installation service is the laying of the screed floor itself. Using a variety of different screeds, ranging from eco-friendly flowing screeds to tile adhesives and self-levellers, we will ensure your floor is not only smooth and level but also extremely hard-wearing.

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