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Delivery Methods

All of the ECOSCREED products are available to be delivered to site fully blended in 25kg bags with 50 bags per pallet, or with the binder and glass bagged seperately.

If necessary, we can supply a suitable Putzmeister SP11 DQR mixer screed pump and operator to ensure that the material is properly mixed and pumped on site.

Where larger amounts of material are to be used, we can supply the Ecoscreed Alpha Binder in 25kg bags to site and deliver the recycled glass direct to site via bulk tipper.

Screed pump

Ecoscreed Alpha ST

With this delivery method, only 3 truck journeys for every 43m3 of ECOSCREED Alpha ST are required, compared to the equivalent 9 truck movements when a readily mixed delivery is used.

Ecoscreed Alpha TF

This method of delivery requires just 3 separate journeys per 34m3 of used Ecoscreed Alpha TF - much lower than the equivalent 7 truck movements if a ready-mix delivery is used.

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