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C20/F4 Flexible Tile Adhesive

Ecoscrebed Alpha-Flex TA

A 98% Recycled Code 6 alpha hemi-hydrate high quality polymer modified rapid setting tile adhesive containing calcium sulphate binder - with additional polymers and additives. Added to clean water and super fine glass aggregate. Designed specifically as a compatible flexible tile adhesive for Ecoscreed Alpha-Flex ST & TF,

Download Data Sheet: Ecoscreed Alpha-Flex TA

Physical Data

Characteristics apply for a flexible tile adhesive consisting of approximately Alpha hemihydrate binder mixed with recycled glass sand.

ColourLatte = No Laitance
DensityWet 1800 kg/m3
Dry   1500 kg/m3
Typical Compressive Strength 28 days≥C20N/mm2
Typical Bending Strength 28 days≥F4N/mm2
Bond Strength2.1 N/mm2 (approximately)
Start solidification VB (vicat cone)A ≥ 100 mins Approximately
Water Demand5.0 litres per 20kg bag
Fire RatingClass A1

Application Data


Add 5 litres of water per 20kg bag and mix using a high shearing action mixer.

Priming & Application

No priming is required if applying to freshly laid uncontaminated ECOSCREED Alpha-Flex ST or TF On sand and cement screeds ensure the surface is free of all loose dust, dirt and contaminants. Prime the surface with Ecoscreed Acrylic Primer Primer diluted 2 parts water to 1 part primer. Only one coat of floor primer is required. Allow primer to fully dry. Rub the tile adhesive into both the substrate and back of tile completely working it into both the substrate surface and the back of the tile before using any notched trowel

Underfloor Heating

Ensure the screed is sufficiently dry and down to an ERH value of 75% relative humidity. The under-floor heating system should be commissioned before tiling commences. Gradually heat the screed, starting at the minimum temperature and increase the temperature by no more than 5oC per day. Heat the screed to a maximum of 25oC and maintain this temperature for 3 days or until the screed ERH has reached 75% RH before allowing the screed to cool down to room temperature. Turn off the heating 24 hours prior to tiling, or in cold conditions, the screed can be reduced to below 15oC. Once tiling has been completed, allow 7 days before turning the heating back on. Start at a low temperature, gradually increasing the temperature by 2oC on a daily basis until required temperature is achieved.

Work the adhesive into both the floor screed and tile back surfaces.


To achieve optimal results:
*Adhesive must be mixed at the correct water / powder mix ratio i.e. 5 litres per 20kg bag
Setting times can be affected by site conditions, weather and installation.

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