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C30/F5 Self Levelling Screed

Ecoscreed Alpha-Flex SL

A 98% recycled Code 6 Zero Carbon high quality fibre reinforced thin section polymer modified self levelling compound manufactured to BS EN 18313:2002: CAB 40 acc. to DIN EN 13454. Calcium sulphate binder on the basis of Alpha Hemihydrate - with additional additives. Added to clean water and glass aggregate. Designed specifically for timber frame construction.

Download Data Sheet: Ecoscreed Alpha-Flex SL

Physical Data

Ecoscrebed Alpha-Flex SL Characteristics apply for a floor screed mortar mixture according to DIN EN 13454-2. Consisting of approximately 40% Alpha Hemihydrate binder and 67 % glass sand to (CEN standard sand DIN EN 196-1).
DOP No. 001 0 Durament 2201 2013-06-05

Colour : Latte = no laitance
Density : Wet 2200 kg/m3
Dry 2000 kg/m3
Typical Compressive Strength 28 days≥C30N/mm2
Typical Bending Strength 28 days≥F5N/mm2
Bond StrengthPrimed 2.1 N/mm2 (approximately)
Required Flow (50 x 22.5mm fpw ring)Approximately 130mm
Start solidification VB (vicat cone)60 Mins Approximately
Water DemandMax 20 -21 %     5.0 - 5.25 litre per 25kg bag
PH≥ 7
Fire RatingClass A1

Application Data

Minimum DepthBonded3-25mm

Ensure the floor screed surface is free of all loose dust, laitance, dirt and contaminants. Prime the surface with ECOSCREED ACRYLIC PRIMER diluted to 2 parts water to 1 part primer.

Only one coat of primer is required.

Allow the primer to dry.


To achieve optimal results:

Screed must be mixed and poured at the correct mix ratio, according to site conditions Screed drying times can be affected by site conditions, weather and installation. Covering the screed surface can affect drying times.

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