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EcoScreed Gridboard

Ecoscreed Gridboard is a cost effective industrial flooring alternative to other floor insulation boards available on the market today. It is available in a wide range of depths allowing you flexibility in your floor make up. It has the added advantage of being supplied with a laminated highly resistant fibre woven film.

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This film acts as the protection layer for the product and is printed with a 50mm Grid Pattern which will assists the under floor heating installer with the laying of their under floor heating pipes.

The laminated film which covers the Gridboard is specially designed to hold pipe clips in position and ensures that under floor heating pipes are held tightly in place.

The film overhangs the boards by 50mm enabling overlaps to be taped to form a continuous seamless surface, eliminating the need to install a 500 gauge polythene slip membrane, as would be required over foil faced insulation boards when used in conjunction with flowing screeds.

Ecoscreed Gridboard Grades

Ecoscreed Gridboard is also available in the following grades:-

  • EPS 70 Thermal conductivity 0.038W/mk
  • EPS 100 Thermal conductivity 0.036W/mk
  • EPS 150 Thermal conductivity 0.035W/mK
  • EPS 200 Thermal conductivity 0.034W/mk
  • Super Plus 70 Thermal conductivity 0.030W/mk
  • Super Plus 100 Thermal conductivity 0.030W/mk

Ecoscreed Gridboard Dimensions

The standard board size is 2400mm x 1200mm x various thicknesses, starting from 25mm up to 200mm. This enables you to specify exactly the right depth of insulation required.

U-Value calculations

We are able to provide u-value calculations for the various grades of Ecoscreed Gridboard, alternatively if you know what u-value you would like your floor to achieve we can calculate what depth of insulation you would need to use to achieve this.


Ecoscreed Gridboards are compatible with all types of screed and readily accept all preparatory fixings, ensuring that pipes remain in position until they are encapsulated in the floor screed.

Site Handling

Ecoscreed Gridboards are delivered to site wrapped in polythene. Boards should be stored in their original wrapping, under cover and protected from direct sunlight. Boards should be kept above ground level and out of contact with solvents and materials containing volatile organic compounds such as coal tar, pitch or timber recently treated with creosote. Do not expose the screed to naked flame or other ignition sources during storage or installation.

Ensure that the concrete sub-floor or suspended concrete floor is dry, smooth and level to within 5mm when measured with a 3m straight edge. Minor irregularities up to 10mm may be levelled with a motor levelling screed. Irregularities greater than this must be removed.

Where possible, electrical conduits, gas and water pipes or other services should be contained within ducts or channels within the concrete slab. Where this is not possible, the services may be accommodated within the thickness of the floor insulation provided they are securely fixed to the concrete slab. Water pipes must be pre-lagged with proprietary material and the floor insulation must be cut back to maintain at least 5mm clear air space between any insulated hot pipes.

Any PVC sheathed cable should be run in conduit. The Gridboard panel should be cut with a sharp knife to fit accurately around the services.

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